The 4 Best Planners for Working Moms

The Best Planners for Working Moms

​​Being a working mom, you definitely have a lot on your plate. Working moms not only have to hold down the fort at home but they also have to learn how to balance their work-life.

The working moms that I talk to have a lot of the same ​fears. They worry about making sure they're providing for their family. They worry about having enough time to spend doing the things that they love. But most of all they worry about the time they spend away from their children.

Working moms know that they need to maximize every second they spend away from their children. They need to be productive to get back to their families.

That's a lot of pressure and a lot of fears. It's no wonder that's so many hard-working women are in need of something to help them manage at all.

As a busy mom myself, one of the best things for my productivity has been getting a planner. Having a planner allows me to stay organized and keep on top of all the many things that I have to do.

The Best Planners for Working Moms

I use my planner to set goals and keep track of tasks. Once I plan my week, it's easy to see everything I have coming up and make sure that I budget my time.

As a working mom, having monthly and weekly views is essential. I need an easy way to track all aspects of my life.

I've been on a hunt to find the best planners for moms, especially busy moms like me. While there's no such thing as a perfect planner, these planners come pretty close.

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​First on this list is the Erin Condren Life Planner. I've recently discovered this planner and I have to tell you it's one of my favorites.

The vertical layout is perfect for someone who has many things on their plate. There are three boxes for each day. This allows you to separate your home tasks, work tasks, and any other tasks that you may have.

I use this layout to plan out the three major things that I want to track in my life: home, work, and my blog.

Because the boxes are on the smaller side, it helps my tendency to overbook myself. Once I fill up that space, I know I'm done for the day.

So for example let's say that I want to focus on cleaning my house. It's easy for me to say I'm going to get these 20 things done, but in reality it never happens. After all this time, I should be learning from my mistakes. Unfortunately I'm stubborn so it's not likely to happen.

I've noticed that once I fill up a box I don't have a choice then to spill over to the next day. While I intend to get it all done in a day, I've never managed to do it. Funny how that works!

When I went to do my monthly review I realized that the boxes were the perfect size for me to ​add about five tasks per day. When I didn't put more pressure on myself to do all the things, I was more relaxed and stress-free by the end of the day.

Now I only focus on filling up the box for that particular area of my life. My life is well-rounded that way. I don't ever feel as though I only focus on one area, such as my blog.

At this point, my house is clean, I spend time with my kid, my blog post get written, and whatever work I have gets done on time.

Sounds amazing doesn't it? I'm not going to lie, it's pretty sweet! I want that for you too because every mother should have this.

​My personal favorite planner is The Happy Planner. I love the weekly planner and use the vertical layout to my advantage.

The best part about The Happy Planner is the binding. The Happy Planner uses what's called disc bound binding. Disc bound binding allows you to move pages around and add whatever you may need.

Every once in awhile I come across something that I want to add to my planner for the day. These could be meeting notes or a project outline.

This planner has a huge advantage over others because I'm able to add these things into my planner. I only need one notebook for the entire day.

I don't like carrying around a lot of things. The Happy Planner lets me keep things minimal.

My second favorite thing about The Happy Planner are all the stickers. I used to hate stickers. What a wasteful concept!

Instead of using stickers, I started using stamps because I figured I could use them over and over again.

Then the ink smudged. The supplies took up way too much space in my purse. I could only use them at home. I stopped using them because they weren't convenient.

These stamps were sitting in a drawer doing nothing for me.wasted a bunch of money trying to save some money up front.

One of my friends introduced me to the sticker books. At this point it's hard to decide which books I'm going to bring with me for the day.

Rather than finding them wasteful, I find that it's easy to plop a sticker down to save myself some time. And if you get the stickers on sale, you spend a lot less money for something you'll actually use.

The Happy Planner has all these wonderful sticker books. The stickers fit inside the boxes. It's magical!

I tend to get stressed if I see an empty box. This happens a lot on the weekends when I like to block off time to be with my family.

One of the benefits of living an intentional life is that I get time "off" to spend with my family. I don't plan business on certain days. So those boxes don't get filled up.

I also take days off. Taking a day off can help me free up mental cycles and avoid burnout.

Because I know this in my brain, that doesn't mean that I don't have a gut reaction to seeing an empty box. That's where the stickers can come in.

Most of the sticker packs include motivational sayings that fill up that empty space. Rather than causing stress, those boxes can now motivate you to continue to move forward.

​Another fantastic planner to use is The Day Designer. This daily planner includes both a schedule and to do list for every day.

This planner helps you track your goals and priorities to live an intentional life. Each day includes inspirational quotes that help keep you going.

The beginning of this planner contains a workbook that helps you balance your life. This is so important to working moms.  You'll find things like a vision board and your ideal schedule worksheet.

This is a great working mom planner. The only thing I don't love about it, is that it's not always easy to separate your home life from your work life. You have to use something like color-coding to make the distinction.

It's important to be able to separate these two very distinct parts of of your life. It's something to think about before purchasing.

I recently tried out the day planner for a month to see how I liked it. There were things about it that I loved.

Agenda planners are not something that I use. But, there have been times in my life where my work schedule has required an agenda planner.

Depending on your job, you may not have a lot of flexibility and may need to stick to a set schedule. It could be that you spend a lot of your time ​in meetings ​or on planned phone calls. Or time blocking is the best productivity system for you.

Having that agenda in your planner makes it easy to see exactly what's coming up. It also means that you only need one system. You're not trying to track your schedule on one planner or calendar and your to-do list in another.

Time blocking isn't my jam, and I'm in very few meetings. I found I didn't need the agenda for my own personal situation so I switched to something else. Yet this planner would work well for those that need it.

I also love that it came in two different sizes. I got the mini planner to try out but they also have a larger one where I would have been able to fit in more information. It's a solid planner, one that most working moms would get a lot out of.

Let's say you're looking for an undated planner. Most of the time this happens when you want to start during a random month. Or you want to start in January. ​You'll love the features of the Clever Fox Planner. Either way it's a great planner!

The pages of this planner are high quality. There's little-to-no bleed, something that's important especially if you're trying to color code.

Goal planning takes center stage and this planner helps you create a vision for your life. It's one thing to create a vision, it's another to actually do it.

The Clever Fox Planner helps you figure out your short and long-term goals for every area of your life. Then they help you figure out how to get it done. This is a great planner for helping to overcome procrastination.

One of the things that I hear from so many working moms is that it's hard to figure out what to focus on. This planner can help with that by using positive psychology techniques. It helps you keep your focus and stay on the path that you've picked for yourself.

Another great thing about this is that it comes with a quick start guide as well as stickers. This helps you figure out how to use your planner in the best way without trying to figure it out by yourself.

It can be frustrating when you think something is going to work great for you. Then you waste time trying to figure it out after you buy it.

With a productivity system, I want to get in there and start using it and have it make an impact today. Having a quick start guide can help with that.

But my absolute favorite thing? It comes with a built-in to do list. There are four bullet points for every day.

This is a perfect number of things to get done without getting overwhelmed and can help you focus. Did I mention there's also a habit tracker every week?

This great little planner can help you spend more time with your family. You'll be a productivity genius!

The bottom line...

So which working mom planner is best for you?

Do you need a daily agenda? Go for the ​Day Designer.

Do you have three areas of your life that you need organized? The Erin Condren Planner is great for that!

Do you want to add things and move pages around? The Happy Planner is perfect for you!

Do you want an undated planner or something to help you with focus? Check out the Clever Fox Planner.

You can't go wrong with any of these choices!

You can also check out even more choices with the Best Planners for Moms.

The Best Planners for Working Moms


​I'm a mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. After a successful career in software ​engineering, I started working part time as a project manager. I was overwhelmed with all of these new life changes and felt like I was drowning in my life. ​After trying so many different systems that didn't work for me, I looked into why they didn't work and came up with a system that worked for me. Today, I want to share what I've learned with you so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start living an intentional life.

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