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Do. Not. Open. That. Door.

I passed the guest bedroom door on my way to my daughter’s room with a stack of laundry I needed to put away.

The closed door mocked me as I knew it hid mountains of stuff that I had no space for.

Some of it was gifts we received from family and friends. Some of it was remnants of an Etsy business I found wasn’t for me.

Our basement used to be the catch-all, but renovations had limited our use of that space. So the unused guest room became the dumping ground.

I sighed and moved to my daughter’s room to finish the task at hand. I pushed the guest room to the back of my mind and tried to ignore the nagging anxiety surrounding it.

I wasn’t proud of my house. Everywhere I looked I saw piles of stuff.

I had tried The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondō but I never finished the process. I felt defective.

I had “cleaned out my clothes” just like she said. I folded them the way she said. But I failed.

Just a few weeks later, everything was back in the same state, and what’s worse, my closet filled up again.

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I had read the book, but I didn’t understand it or internalize it.

Everyone else could do this. Why couldn’t I?

Getting laid off finally gave me time. I sat down and thought long and hard about what I wanted from my life.

I wanted a calm and clean house. The crap surrounded me, swallowing me up in this vortex of cheap junk and plastic awfulness.

I snapped plain and simple.

I decided enough was enough and it was time to buckle down and get serious.

The only way I was going to do that is if I spent time every day getting rid of things. I also needed to make my life uncomfortable until I had a clean house.

I needed to internalize this. I needed to fully commit. And I needed to do it NOW.

To the dining room I went. I set it up as a temporary eBay selling office area.

It was an absolute disaster area that motivated me to finish the task at hand. I could see it every day and kept me motivated.

Tackling the Closet

I asked my sister for some help. I emptied my closet before she got to my house and she helped me sort what I should donate, and what I could sell.

Because this was done before she arrived, we were able to make quick work of the massive piles of stuff.

I learned that it’s a LOT easier when you have help. My sister owed me one and told me she really didn’t mind, so for once in my life I accepted help.

Six kitchen trash bags later, my donations were at the church. My husband mailed three giant boxes to ThredUp the following day with shipping labels directly from ThredUp in boxes we already had lying around the house..

I never wore those clothes and in the future, I will rent dressed for events at I can dress better, store less stuff, and have fun wearing clothes that I normally couldn’t afford.

I was ruthless with my shoes, added purses and wallets to the pile, and cut down so much stuff, my closet could actually breathe.

Electronics Next

With that out of the way, I moved on to electronics. I had lots of electronics that I wasn’t using.

I had two cameras, spare lenses, and a bunch of camera accessories I was never using thanks to my cell phone. I also had a tablet that was broken that I wanted to replace.

I decided to sell them on eBay and Facebook Marketplace to generate some quick cash. I wanted to replace the tablet and this was the fastest way to do it.

I set up a white poster board display board I got it at Target. It was cheap and you can find something similar at an office supply store or Amazon.

I put a regular white poster down to make a simple background.I have a window in my dining room. I get a lot of great natural light and it was perfect for taking pictures.

I took pictures using my cell phone of anything that I wanted to sell on
eBay and Facebook Marketplace.

I took pictures from all angles and using the easy eBay app on my phone, added them all to the listings. The app is so easy to use that I was able to make about $100 in two days.

I wasn’t aware that I could sell broken items for parts. Mind. Blown.

What about shipping?

USPS has free priority shipping boxes and envelopes. One trip to the post office can get you exactly what you need.

Throw some packing tape on there, print a label, and you’re all set!
I had the seller pick up the shipping cost, which made the whole thing even better!

I can’t even explain how freeing this process has been. My mood is lighter and my house is turning into the house of my dreams.

For the first time in a long time I’m inspired to make things better in my home.

My guest room door isn’t scary anymore. In fact, it’s open most of the time now. 😉


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