Brain Dump worksheet

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Do you ever feel like you have all these thoughts shifting around in your head, bumping into each other? It can be overwhelming!

One trick you can add to your toolbox is a brain dump. You can learn all about brain dumps in the Ultimate Guide to Completing a Helpful Brain Dump.

But what happens when you get stuck?

The brain dump worksheet can help! There are three printables in the resource library that you can use to get your brain dump going.

brain dump worksheet header
Brain Dump worksheet

Go for the "Simple" look...

What's included?

First, there’s a checklist. The checklist will help you follow a plan. The goal is to make it so that you don’t have to think.

Next, there’s a set of prompts. Sometimes it’s hard to get going. These prompts are helpful to sparking your imagination and firing up those cylinders.

Finally, there’s a template for you to use. You can print the template as many times as you need to dump all those thoughts on paper.

The brain dump worksheet also includes columns to help you figure mark if something is urgent or important. This will help you scan through your sheets when you are done to easily create a task list.

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There are two sets of these worksheets. There’s a colorful set for those that are looking for some fun. The other set is a simpler set that can be printed in color or black and white. It’s designed to take up less ink.

How to use them

The best way to use these worksheets is to visit the Resource Library. Access to the Library is a bonus to being on my email newsletter list. Not only will you be alerted to new free printables, but I also send you time management tips and links to freebies I find around the Internet.

You can sign up from the Resource page. Once you sign up, you’ll be sent the password for the library in your email.

Enter the password you get in the email. If you scroll to the Brain Dump area, you’ll find a list of all the printables. You can click on them and download them as PDF files.

Once you download them, print one copy of the cheat sheet, and prompts. You can print the prompts on both sides of a piece of paper if you’re looking to save some trees.

Next, you want to print multiple sheets of the Brain Dump Template. I’d recommend starting with two and then print out more as you need them.

Brain Dump worksheet

​...or go for the more colorful option!

Completing your brain dump

First, go ​to a quiet spot and add as many thoughts as you need based on the prompts and anything else that’s in your head.

After, read through and mark any of the tasks that are urgent and require attention right away. Check these boxes off and move through your list quickly.

Next, read through again and mark any of the tasks that are important. I know that typically everything is important, but aim for no more than 25% of your list as marked important.

Once you start comparing items to each other, it’s usually pretty easy to tell what is really important and what isn’t. Check off the truly important items.

Finally, go through with a highlighter and mark all the tasks that have both checkboxes checked off. These are the tasks that are both urgent and important, so things that need to be scheduled first.

Create a task list of these tasks. Aim to have these done this week.

Next, take a look at all of the tasks with nothing checked off. Are those really things that you should be focusing on?

Delete as many of these as you can. In an ideal world, you would eliminate all of these.

Next, schedule the rest of your tasks over the next few weeks. Remember to keep the fluff out. You can always create a “someday” list if you need to.

And that’s how you can use these worksheets to finish a great brain dump and organize your thoughts!

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Brain Dump Worksheet


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