​How to Create a Digital Photo Album

Share Me: Share0 Tweet0 Pin0​​Now that most people have a digital camera or smartphone that’s capable of taking beautiful pictures, there’s a big question of what to do with the photos. I don’t know about you, but I used to have a lot of pictures sitting on my computer wasting away.One ​great option is creating […]

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Happy Planner Supplies You Can’t Live Without

Share Me: Share1 Tweet0 Pin98 Like many other millennials, I love the idea of bullet journals. Being able to customize a system that works for me, well, that’s just like speaking my love language. When I started bullet journaling, I used the traditional system. I bought a notebook, started making lists, and used keys to keep […]

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The Value of Your Time

Share Me: Share0 Tweet0 Pin0It’s so easy to get sucked into the guilt, especially as a mom.  Someone asks for a favor and you cheerfully say yes because that’s what moms do. The next thing you know, you’re elbow deep in flour with the smoke alarm going off, stressed out, and crying at 1am wondering why […]

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