6 Benefits of Using a Planner

6 benefits of using a planner
6 benefits of using a planner

​When it comes to planners, there’s a lot of paper planners out there. But why would ​anyone use ​paper planners in a digital age?

Have you ever been somewhere when you needed your “digital” planner only to find that your phone battery was dead? Or maybe you ran out of data and couldn’t access it?

​You might be in a dead cell zone with no access to Internet. It happens.

What do you do in that instance? As much as we’ve learned to depend on digital products, there are times when they aren’t practical or the best tool for the job.

In those instances, a paper planner comes to the rescue!

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I’m one of those people using a planner to stay organized. I use the Happy Planner paper planner system. I’ve also tried a bunch of other ones as well and I love the paper planners!

So what are the benefits of using a planner?

Calendar Layout

If you have a calendar layout that you use, it’s effortless to see exactly where you need to be. It’s easy to see a clear picture of all the things you have coming up, like appointments, or meetings.

There are different options for calendars (surprising right?). You have the traditional calendar with the days of the weeks and everything laid out in a grid.

Bullet journals use a different type of calendar. In those calendars, you write down all the days in one column and your appointments in a second column. It’s simple and a different way to think about your time.

Calendar layouts are essential to keep everything organized. You can use a calendar layout for content planning.

Any blogger or working mom will tell you how important content planning is. Luckily, you can plan out any type of large task this way.

Let’s say you have a large task like decluttering your house. It’s a huge project and can be overwhelming.

Rather than letting the enormity of the task paralyze you, you can break it down into smaller tasks.

You would plan a smaller task each day of the month. When you break it down that way, it’s a lot easier to tackle each task.

At the end of 30 days, you have a decluttered house! The calendar can help you get it finished instead of never starting.

Scheduling Tasks

Planners are amazing for keeping of various tasks and projects. Whenever I have a large project I’m working on, I like to break it down into manageable tasks.

I’m able to see what the next step is and work towards the goal of finishing the project by creating these ​checklists. I love having many areas to track projects so I can organize everything that I need to get done.

You can treat almost anything like a project. Housework? That’s a project. De-cluttering your house? That’s a project. Meal planning and prepping for the week? You guessed it! Project!

​A pro-tip for you: break each project down into tasks that don’t take more than fifteen minutes. Then it’s a lot easier to get everything done in smaller chucks of time.

​As busy moms, we don’t always have hours at a time to focus on projects. But by breaking everything down, it’s more manageable.

You can feel a great sense of accomplishment checking things off your list. You’ll finish these tasks by thinking of things as projects (even recurring projects).

Goal Tracking

Having goals is fantastic. But having goals without a plan for getting them done is a recipe for disaster. You need to have a plan to finish your goals. there’s no other way around it. Using a planner to keep track of all of this can help.

I specifically created a goal tracker to help me figure out how to get my goals done. It’s amazing how quickly things can turn around when you use a goal tracking system.

By writing down concrete steps every week to work towards your goals, you can live a more intentional life. You live the life YOU want, not the life that seems to be handed to you.

​Setting goals as parents is vital to feeling like you’re working toward something.

Brain Dumps

It’s no secret that I believe in the power of brain dumps. It’s so easy as a mom to get overwhelmed, and sometimes it feels like this paralyzing task to dig yourself out.

Using a brain dump as a tool for time management can help you get out of the rut that you’re in. It gets everything out of your brain and onto the paper.

I love planners that have extra pages for things specifically like brain dumps. It’s so much easier to empty your mind every week.

It takes less time and helps keep you organized. Planners with space to do that always a go-to in my book. 

I especially like the Happy Planner for this because you can add as many pages as you need to the back using the disk system.


With all the things that we have going on in our lives, having an organized system is essential. Using a planner is one of the best ways to get organized.

I even use my planner to help me organize the rest of my life. I treat things like de-cluttering, and getting my closets cleaned out as projects that go directly to my planner.

Because I’m able to see everything I have going on in a week, I’m able to look at my list of things to do our projects to complete, and easily see what can fit into the time I have left.

This lets me avoid over planning.  Organizing my planner like this also helps me to feel that sense of accomplishment when I get things done.

Peace of Mind

How can a planner give you peace of mind? Easy! Do you ever worry that you’re going to forget something? Or that you’re going to drop the ball on something important?

These worries and fears are easily overcome once you have a planner that you get used to using. If you make it a habit of writing things down (or adding them to ​an app) then you take that pressure off of yourself.

Having that peace of mind is one of the great benefits of a planner.

​What’s next?

Now that you know all the benefits of using a planner, what now?

There are many planners out there. Luckily, I’ve put a post together that goes through the Best Planners for Moms. Head on over to check it out!

Or maybe you have a great planner already! Check out these pens that can take your planner to the next level…

Benefits of using a planner


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