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How to Automate Your Morning the Easy Way

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What does your typical morning look like? If it looks anything like mine used to, I'm envisioning running around, losing your keys, and maybe even a few cases of yelling "Put your shoes on NOW!" Such is the life of a busy mom.

Did I get anywhere close? I used to struggle in the mornings. Getting out of the door on time was difficult and stressful. That's NOT how I wanted to start my day.

Mornings should be a time to start fresh and do better than yesterday. How you start your day has a substantial impact on the rest of your day.

Mornings set the tone. So when you have a hectic and chaotic morning, you're already falling behind before you even start.

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automate your morning

I'm also guessing that you have the best of intentions every morning. How do I know? Because I did!

I was going to get up in the morning and exercise! I'd get in some me time maybe. Or I'd work on my blog before the day could get in the way.

Rarely, however, was that the case. I had every intention of getting up and starting the day off right. Every now and then I would! 

Then there are the days when I just couldn't bring myself to get out of bed. I would hit the snooze button multiple times and doze until the last possible second.

Doing this day in and day out can impact the rest of the day. There's a difference in how you feel. You don't feel calm and collected, just stressed and busy.

If you get up after the first alarm, the day feels more productive and shiny. If you hit the snooze button over and over, I'm guessing the rest of the day didn't go as well as you felt it could have.

You set the done first thing in the morning. It's all about how to start your day. Because we're always looking to be better, let's make sure we get up on the right side of the bed.

But how can we do that? By automating some of our mornings! So now let's find out how to automate your morning.

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Home Automation

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What is home automation? According to, "The way devices and appliances can be networked together to provide us with seamless control over all aspects of your home and more." These are usually connected through wi fi.

Sounds complicated right? The good news is that companies are picking up on this and making it easier and easier to get started. With current technology, it's easy to get started with a smart home and change your morning routine today.

Smart Speakers

To start, smart speakers will give you the most power in the morning. There are several different kinds. I personally have two, a Google Home, and an Amazon Echo.

The major benefit of these speakers is you can speak to them and they will complete a bunch of automation for you. I kick off my entire morning routine with "Alexa, start my day!'

Some people are skeptical of the idea of having something like a smart speaker in their home. But with the way smart phones are these days, it's really just an extension.

There are so many benefits to smart speakers (that's another story for another day),

Smart Plugs

Another key piece for me is the smart plug. These are plugs you can purchase that connect to either Google or Amazon smart speakers and can be automated.

I have several lights on plugs and have one on my electric kettle (more on that on another day).

These plugs do more than just help you in the morning. We have automatic timers on strategic lights. What makes these even better than regular timers is that I can set them to different triggers.

My living room lights come on when the sun goes down and turns off at a specified time. We have motion sensors that can pick up when to turn other smart lights on.

These little plugs can go a long way and don't require an electrician or even any tools! Just plug and play!

Smart Thermostat

We have a Nest Thermostat at our house and we love it. There are other smart thermostats on the market that I've heard work well.

Because the Nest connects with Google and Amazon speakers, it's possible to use them to help automate your morning.

At our house, we have our thermostat set to come on at certain times. But every now and then it needs a bit of adjusting and including them in our "morning" automation can help.

We like the main part of the house to stay cool at night to help us save money on heating. During the summer, we keep it a bit hotter. But once we get up in the morning, we like things to be comfortable.

Having a smart thermostat helps us stay comfortable without even thinking about it.

The routine

Here's what an automated routine might look like.

You wake up in the morning. Your alarm goes off and you notice that your smart lights (that are connected with this plug) have come on to gradually wake you up.

You say "Alexa, start my day!" and she responds back with a weather update. It's cold today so you wear a sweater. She tells you what's going on in the world with a news update, and lets you know what the traffic looks like. If you have anything on your calendar for the day, she'll tell you that too.

She'll start your favorite music or a motivational podcast while you finish getting ready. When you walk out to your kitchen, your electric kettle has finished boiling your water because it's connected to a smart plug.

You get a reminder that it's time to go and your thermostat automatically adjusts itself to a few degrees cooler for while you're not home. If you don't have an Echo, Google Assistant can do the same things.

Most of these actions are built in directly to Amazon or Google, but some of them can be accomplished using IFTTT recipes.

You leave the house ready to face the day and knowing that you had some extra help getting out of the house!

how to automate your mornings the easy way

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