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​Hi there...

​I'm Jennifer.  I'm a mom who happens to also be a software engineer. Between working part time as a project manager, taking care of my child, making sure the dog is healthy and happy, and keeping my marriage and other relationships alive, I have a lot on my plate.  And I used to struggle with it all.  I was overwhelmed and frustrated with my life.  And I knew something needed to change.


​One-Size-Fits-All doesn't work

Research is something that I seem to do for fun.  I'm a Pinterest addict (I'll admit it), and I'd read every blog post around on time management.  But every time I'd try something new, I'd find that it didn't quite work for me.  Rather than just moving on, I felt like I was broken.  The problem *must* be me if it works for all of these wonderful people but clearly I'm broken.  But soon I started to realize that maybe it wasn't me.  Maybe it was the one-size-fits-all approach. After all, that doesn't work in other areas of my life, so why would it apply to a time management system?  That's when I started to make a change.

I started to use tools that were available to me to make my life easier. Automation became my best friend and a large section of my life is now run on autopilot. I've used my software background and organizational skills to sort it all out and I want to help others do the same! You can always reach me at

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Parent Smarter, Not Harder

​Learn how to parent the smarter way instead of spinning your wheels trying to do it all.  Create more time to do the things that you want to do and live an intentional life.  Sign up for my free resource library and get instant access to resources to help you along your journey.

​Full disclosure... 

​My house isn't spotless. Not even close. And it's not magazine worthy either. Dinner isn't always healthy every night, and some days are a struggle. With that being said however, I find time every day to get on the floor with my daughter and puppy. I laugh every day and learn new things. I make time for the people I love. We always have clean underwear. I have creative outlets and feel secure in my relationships. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I know what works for me and I have a plan in place to help me navigate out. And that plan? It's something that I know works for me. And it's something that I can help you craft for your own life.

Sometimes it's the smallest thing that can make a difference. A new tool, a new outlook, a whole new system. It could be anything! My background allows me to look past some of the more intimidating areas of modern technology and break it down for other moms so they can take full advantage. I was able to save hours of time in my life, and now those hours are spent with my family doing things that I love. These are the things that I can help with.

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I'm a mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend.  After a successful career in software engineering, I started working part time as a project manager.  I was overwhelmed with all of these new life changes and felt like I was drowning in my life.  After trying so many different systems that didn't work for me, I looked into why they didn't work and came up with something that did.  Today, I want to share what I've learned with you so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start living an intentional life.

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