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I specialize in helping moms spend more time doing the things they love.

If you really want to gain control over your life, feel productive, and be a great mom then I can definitely help you.

​Disclaimer: My house isn’t spotless. And it’s not magazine worthy either. Dinner isn’t always healthy every night, and some days are a struggle. With that being said however, I find time every day to get on the floor with my daughter and puppy. I laugh every day and learn new things. We always have clean underwear. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I know what works for me and I have a plan in place to help me navigate out.

Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that can make a difference. A new tool, a new outlook, a whole new system. My background allows me to look past some of the more intimidating areas of modern technology and break it down for other moms so they can take full advantage. I was able to save hours of time in my life, and now those hours are spent with my family doing things that I love. These are the things that I can help with.


* Masters in Software Engineering

* Mom of a spirited toddler

* Mastered time management techniques to become a productivity ninja

Work History

* Software Engineer
* Project Manager
* Productivity Master

​Fun Facts

* Mom to a fluffy golden retriever
* Can’t stand untied shoes
* Lover of “gadgets”
* Paid off over $100K of student loan debt in 5 years
* Former overwhelmed mom

When you want to spend more time doing the things you love, don’t mess around with anyone but the best at living intentionally.

And as you can see, I can definitely help you gain control over your life, feel productive, and be a great mom!

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