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Like many other millennial’s, I love the idea of bullet journals. Being able to customize a system that works for me, well, that’s just like speaking my love language.

When I started bullet journaling, I used the traditional system. ​As I started to experiment, I found spreads that worked for me. 

While it was great for a while, once my daughter was born, I just didn’t have the time to sit down and focus on creating my spreads for the week. I shortly discovered the Happy Planner along with Happy Planner supplies.

​I had a few necessary features that it had to have and the Happy Planner checked off everything on this list:

  • ​Monthly calendars so I could take a look at my month at a glance and do long-term planning, the key for life organization
  • Weekly spreads with sections to keep track of work, personal, and weekly tasks
  • Not have daily spreads as I don’t use them and they annoy me
  • A way to move pages around

The last point was a new requirement for me. I didn’t like that I had to decide where to put my new lists. Often I found them hard to find and I wanted them organized easily.

I also hated that I had to paste anything that I printed in my journal. It wasn’t working for me and I wanted to be able to easily add ​pages that I found online without re-writing them.

The Solution

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Facebook quickly introduced me to the Happy Planner. Not willing to commit to a full year, I bought a 6-month extension pack to give it a try. By the end of the 6 months, I was hooked!

There are certain things that I love about the Happy Planner. First, I love that it has monthly and weekly pages. The weekly pages are vertical (I’m a big fan) and it’s so easy for me to divide my day into three sections.

I love that I can add note pages however I want, and I can print out anything I want and add wherever.  I have the ability to change the cover whenever I get bored with the current set up, and I’ve ended up with a fancy cover that works perfectly for me.

There are certain Happy Planner supplies that I use all the time to keep me at my peek productivity. These tools keep me on track and organized so I can focus on other things in my life.

Must Have Happy Planner Supplies


Deluxe Cover: I love this cover. There are people who don’t like it because it does add a decent amount of bulk. However, I have a big bag and I deal with the bulk because it’s 100% worth it. This cover ha​s a snap, so it’s easy to close it and know that it’s going to stay closed.

I have issues with journals being tossed in a bag and then getting messed up because it opens or something. The clip ​is a great feature (and unlike elastics, it doesn’t stretch out over time).

It has a built-in pen loop and pockets for sliding different size papers. Because I often have an extra notepad in with my planner, I love all the extra pockets.

Finally, because it’s nice and sturdy it keeps my planner well protected. I’m not the most gentle on my planners so it’s a crucial detail.

Hole Punch

The Happy Planner uses a disk-bound system. That’s what allows you to take the pages out and move them around. You can’t use a regular hole punch for this type of planner. 

Purchasing the hole punch is a must if you ever want to add your own pages to your planner. Because I add a lot of printables to mine, I couldn’t manage without the hole punch. It works great and I’m able to add anything I need!

I tend to write lists on other notepads (that I usually pick up at Target for $1) and then I punch them and put them where I want them.

I’m a big fan of half sheets for to-do lists so that I can see the page behind it and move the list from one week to another. I couldn’t do this without my hole punch and it makes my life so much more organized.


I got three dividers for my planner and I love them. I use one to mark where my current month spread is. It makes it easy to flip to the right page when I’m making plans with a friend or trying to schedule an appointment.

I use another for the current week so I can always find exactly where I am. The last divider marks the note section of my planner.

This is where I keep all those extra sheets for when I jot down ideas or print off extra lists. Everything is kept together so it’s easy to find.

It’s hard to keep your life organization on point when you can’t find what you need. Clear dividers make a huge difference when you’re hunting around for the list you made two weeks ago that has a vital statistic that you NEED RIGHT NOW. I’m just saying…

I also love that I can put sticky notes on these dividers. It helps for quick notes or things that I’m moving around.


I use folders to keep things like stickers and notes organized. They can be moved around and used as dividers where I keep all my notes. It’s really easy for me to add different items to them without worrying about anything getting lost.

I also use my Happy Planner to keep track of pictures from time to time. It’s great to be able to put the photos somewhere I know they will be safe until they reach their final destination (usually a frame).

​These folders are awesome for keeping track of lose papers, dividing up different sections, and generally organizing your life!

Extra Large Disks

I got the extra large disks for my planner because I not only have 18 months worth of pages, but I also have a lot of note pages and other items in my binder (in case you haven’t figured that out already.

These expanders keep everything fitting quite nicely and I don’t have to worry about running out of space. They also come in a variety of colors, so it’s really easy to find something that matches your style.

Take Away

I love my Happy Planner and it helps me plan a happy life. I use it every day and these essential Happy Planner supplies help me to stay on track and productive.

Having a planner means that I don’t have to hold everything in my head. I can create a plan and make it happen.

Using a Happy Planner and these tools, I can also print my own planners, like my ​Parent Smarter Goal Planner.

What’s your favorite way of planning?


​I'm a mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. After a successful career in software ​engineering, I started working part time as a project manager. I was overwhelmed with all of these new life changes and felt like I was drowning in my life. ​After trying so many different systems that didn't work for me, I looked into why they didn't work and came up with a system that worked for me. Today, I want to share what I've learned with you so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start living an intentional life.

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This Happy Planner sounds pretty cool! I’m always looking for better ways to get organized so will definitely be looking into this!

It has really helped me get organized, even more so than the bullet journal. I loved that I could dip my toes in with just 6 months. Now I’ve got an 18-month pack that I’m LOVING and I use it every day!

I love my Happy Planner!!
I can’t imagine navigating life without it!

I bought a larger purse so I can bring mine everywhere comfortable. I’m “that” person! LOL!

I have never used a Happy Planner but I have heard great things! I am thinking I should put it on my Christmas list along with your recommendations.

It’s an awesome system! If nothing else, the hole punch makes a HUGE difference and lets you customize to your heart’s content!

This is so smart! Being well organized as a mommy makes a world of difference!

Organization is KEY to being successful in all aspects of life, but especially as a mommy! Plus it’s pretty and that makes me happy too 🙂

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